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“We started crafting delicious croquettes and other snacks over 40 years ago. Since the 70’s we have strived to prepare our snacks to be the best, all made possible by our humble beginnings in one small little kitchen in Santa Cruz; thus began a timeless family tradition handcrafting snacks to perfection, never changing the original recipe. Undeniably our family-owned company is forever fused into the rich culture of Aruban cuisine.


With a nice crispy crust, and rich tasty meat, we differentiate ourselves from other snacks, and we take on this task wholeheartedly. We do not mess about our taste! Our way of work, has proven successful by standing the test of time, and countless of imitators and competitors.


You will taste the difference in our food because with us, it’s never just a croquette, hamburger or a simple snack. Like your parties or events will never be the same with our prepared food for parties and ready to go services for catering and takeaway.


Our snacks are true Aruban quality, craftsmanship, tradition and taste rolled up in to a crispy layer of dough.”

Croleco Mission Statement

“Our goal at Croleco is to serve the best quality foods on the island of Aruba build on the foundations of quality, craftsmanship, tradition and taste. We strive to only deliver the very best quality products and services as this is the backbone of Croleco Snacks 40 year existence.”

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